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The number one lettering company in south Florida and we seem to always impress anyone who stops to look at our signage, if you want quality and precise engineering then you’ve came to the right place! Below you’ll see your choice of selection and colors but if you couldn’t find something you love don’t worry because we will make a unique custom sign for your boat upon request.

Explore Lighted Colors
ECJ Luxe Yachts


ECJ Luxe Yachts

This is a great choice if you want to make your yacht shine without a huge budget, this will include premium vinyl (Chrome,Gold,Carbon Fiber,Silver,Etc) on top of your lighted acrylic layer.


This includes one solid color acrylic layer on top of your impeccable back-lit layer of your choice, turn around for this project is 1-2 weeks.


Our remarkable package comes with the top of the line 316L stainless steel with a mirror face finish with a illuminated layer with your choice of color, turn around for this project is 1-3 weeks.


Our premium package is a mixture of our silver and gold packages. Our platinum package comes with an illuminated layer with your color of choice, top notch 316L stainless steel with a remarkable finish on top of a solid color of acrylic and the turn around for this product is 1-3 weeks.


If you haven’t seen or heard anything that has caught your eye then that means you’re going to want zomething completely custom to your taste, luckily you’re at Fl Yacht Signs and we are experts at customization! Dream it and we will make it a reality just give us a call or email as soon as possible

Compatible with your favorite Under Water Lights

All light are compatible with your underwater lights, if you want the name to match the underwater lighting system then we would have to use the same lighting chip set. for example if your lights have the multiple RGBW (which is very common) lighting then we would have to use the same LED’s.

Single Color

We offer nothing but the best and well these single color LED’s are nothing but the best! We offer white,warm white,blue,red,green,yellow,pink and other colors upon request.
Boat Signage

RGB/Addressable Lights

RGB Illumination almost includes every color you can imagine and a wireless remote with color programs preinstalled and ready to go. As for the addressable lights you have full control of what your name is capable of doing, from making your own light show with any combo you please to having the name-board dance to the music that plays on your personal boat.


The RGBW lights does come with every single color you can possibly conceive and it’s also the latest and best technology you can get when it comes to LED lights.






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