Barney Carroll

I’ve been designing and building websites professionally for over 6 years. I started making sites as a teenager when Netscape Composer came out. Later I got a job designing and implementing look & feel for websites at an information design agency. From then on my increasing exposure to browser quirks and nifty plugins led me to specialist in the technical aspects of implementing designs for the web, until I became a pure front-end developer.

I hand-code JavaScript, HTML and CSS, and pride myself in a thorough knowledge of implementation particularities from IE6’s layout issues and proprietary filters support through to implementing bleeding edge HTML5 and CSS3 techniques safely and making the same code base render elegantly across the feature- and smart-phone spectrum. I’ve forever got an eye on the latest developments in the open source community and track bugs for fun. Accessibility, progressive enhancement, efficient and modular readable and reusable object-oriented code are always on my mind.



Front-end developer
July 2012 – October 2012

Holler is the digital wing of Leo Burnett, an international creative agency producing extensive campaigns for huge consumer brands.

I was contracted to develop cutting edge web applications making clever use of social media, and interactive multimedia elements.

Holler prides itself in developing concepts to the bespoke aesthetic standards that extend leading brands, so the work is subject to exacting UX and design standards that push the envelope of front-end web technology, and demand tight front-end application logic to produce deep and extensible experiences.Opera di Peroni is a joint venture between Peroni and Go Opera to produce bite-sized pop-up opera in urban settings, to allow time-honoured classics to become casually accessible. The application uses HTML5 video to present an interactive playback of the event, calling in social media reactions in time with the experience.

Virgin Media

Front-end developer
May 2012 – June 2012

I worked as part of a discreet development team within Virgin Media developing the second major iteration of Virgin Media’s video-on-demand and remote record web interface.

Making use of a rigorous Agile BDD development process, the project consisted in building functional user interfaces based on supplied designs to rebuild the live and catch-up TV experience, including social features, from scratch to match cutting edge user experience expectations.

This assignment consisted of work on a consumer-facing product that is not yet publicly available.

20:20 Agency

20:20 are a leading digital agency working for some of the UK’s biggest brands , and provides services ranging from full cross-media campaigns through to social media games, promotional microsites and bespoke intranet infrastructures.

Making highly visually detailed glossy vanity sites look just right for millions of users and producing durable front-end widgets kept me busy.


Sapient Nitro provide creative & technical services to create fresh and engaging user experiences for established global brands.

My work for Vodafone on behalf of Sapient Nitro focused on the technical implementation and maintenance of sophisticated front-end interfaces as part of the upcoming rebrand of the vodafone. site as part of inter-national agile teams, using object-oriented Javascript and DHTML to provide flexible, standards-compliant frameworks for millions of unique visitors daily.

Technical designer
July 2009 – February 2010

thetrainline is one of the top 50 e-commerce sites in the UK, and also provides online booking systems for most of the UK’s train operating companies. I maintained and extended’s booking application and web marketing collateral, and skinned the various applications for third-party clients – working with the local design, product and marketing teams, and overseeing developers on location and in India.


Web designer (contract)
May 2009 – July 2009

Pixco are a web design agency specializing in the independent film industry. I was contracted to provide front-end development and extend designs based on mock-ups provided by the resident designer.


December 2008 – April 2009

I set up Clickwork as a print & web design agency in Reading to provide promotional media for small businesses in the local area.


Front-end developer (contract)
July – September 2008

Revive develop online booking solutions for providers and package companies globally, with a dominance of the UK B&B industry. I was hired to provide design and front-end development for their custom web applications.

Red Interactive

Designer & developer November 2007 – June 2008

Red interactive is an international digital marketing agency specializing in the European imaging market.

My role as the agency’s designer and developer was to create and maintain a flexible repertoire of traditional- and digital-media advertising collateral (websites, email campaigns, Flash games, banners, magazine ads, etc) with a special focus on France and Germany, often liaising with the affiliates to produce bespoke and targeted material in short time-frames.

Text Matters

May 2006 – Oct 2007

textmatters is an information design agency, working over extended periods for clients in need of complex information deployment solutions in publishing and large websites. As designer I designed and developed the front-end for large websites based on custom CMS and intranets for third sector and NGOs.