newsHow To Remove Boat Lettering

Video Instruction On How To Remove Your Custom Vinyl Lettering


Two Methods Will Be Shown

First Method will be the heat and scrap method and then will show you a new product that promises it will make the presses way faster. So if you’re doing the first method you will need a heat gun. The heat gun will loosen the glue so you can scrap it off. For your lettering removal we recommend the second method called vinyl off. First you spray this product onto a rag then wait 1 minute. What this product does is it makes your boat lettering restore to what it once was. Doing this makes the vinyl a lot easier to pull off.

Adhesive Lettering Removal

To remove your adhesive you’ll need some adhesive remover and a rag, this will  be more than enough to take off your boat name adhesive. If it is being not working out so well for you, then try applying some remover and scrap the glue off with a rag. We hope this helps you remove your boat lettering. Feel free contact us if you need any new boat letters.